15 Şubat 2017 Çarşamba


Hi... Today I introduce WELLY WANGING and CAMEL CUP..☻☺

                  WELLY WANGING

Do you like interesting sports? Have you got any green
wellies? Then you are ready for 'welly wanging'!
Every year there is a Welly Wanging World Championship
in Upperthong, a village in Yorkshire, England.
What does 'welly wanging' mean? In Yorkshire they don't
say 'throw' - they say 'wang'. In this sport, if you 'wang'
There are four competitions: for men, women, boys and
girls. It's easy to 'wang' your welly, but it's more difficult
to win. Adult winners get a trophy, and the children get
some money- but not very much. Football and rugby are
bigger sports, but welly wanging is more fun!


                                CAMEL CUP
The Camel Cup is a day of camel races in Alice Springs, Australia. Every July 5.000 people from all ove the world visit the festival.
The camels are slower and uglier than horses, but faster than you think. They are noisy animals, and difficult to write. It is very exciting to watch. It is also very fun. They are 9 races during the day, and a carnival atmosphere. People eat a lot, wear colourful clothes and watch the races. They sometimes ride the cames, too!

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  1. Thanks for your post Rana.
    Maybe we can have welly wanging competition at the school :)