27 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi


↪ Always wear school uniform, not sports clothes. You can see correct uniform on your website.
↪ Don't be late in the morning. School starts at 8.45 every day.
↪ Be quiet in class and don't chat to your friends. Always listen to your teacher when he or she is talking.
↪ Write your name on the desk with a pen. This is a very bad thing to do.
↪ You can have a phone in your bag. But don't look at your phone in the school.
↪ Don't eat in class. You canonly have food in the school cafe.
↪ Always do your homework every evening. This is very important.
↪ Don't run in the class.
↪ Don't talk noisy.
↪ In the school students are disipline

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