6 Nisan 2017 Perşembe


Hi... Today I writing e-mail to Iclal...

Hi Iclal...
     I'm very excited that you're going to stay with us next month. I'm emailing you because I want to tell you about our plans for the weekend.
     On Friday evening I going to meet you at airport with my friend Merve and my parents because your plane arrives there at 8 p.m. On Saturday we're going to take the bus to Eminönü. Then we're going to visit Mısır Çarşısı.
      After that, we're going to go shopping in Bakırköy. On Sunday the weather will be hot and sunny so we can go swimming or we can have a picnic the park with my friends.

I can't wait to see you♡
Bye for now...


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