17 Ocak 2017 Salı



         Hi.. Today I introduce the Panda.

        In general, the panda lives in the bamboo forests in southwestern side of China. It eats leafs and sprout such as bamboo. For example The Panda eats 12 hours a day. It is very shy and lazy animal. Even we can say that it is the laziest animal in the world. It can't move fast.

         The Panda is now in danger and it is rare. The biggest problem is global changing like global warming. Because with global warming bamboo leafs are disapearing. They lose their own habitat.

          You can find information on the website of Sözcü Newspaper or yenimakale.com. The websites give more information about a panda. To protect a panda we can protect their habitat. for example, people create a artificial environment.

Thank you for reading my blog :)

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